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"Greg Nipp was hugely influential in my development as a guitar player. Largely because of his influence, I went on to major in guitar in college and am now teaching lessons myself in Stamford, Connecticut. It was always obvious to me that Greg had a firm grip on all the tools an excellent guitar instructor should have: theory, performing, songwriting, soloing, improvising, transcribing, not to mention patience and flexibility. He really helped me fall in love with the guitar.  I highly recommend his instruction." -- Chade Wade 

"Greg is totally my hero. I've taken lessons with him since the beginning of my freshman year, and I'm about to have to leave lessons for college. Man, I'm going to miss him! When I started lessons, I was so confused about it all. With his guidance and a little practice, I was using a slide like Bonnie Raitt and working on CC Deville solos. Things that would have terrified me before became exciting. He helps you do whatever it is you want to do, and it's always fun. I've been led down tons of little paths to different genres and styles and discovered what music I REALLY like. Greg always expands on whatever you think you'd like to play. He can help with anything and everything. With patience and everything! If I were him, I would have gotten so frustrated with me by now. Those lessons have definitely always brightened up my weekdays."   -- Quincey Caylor

"In short, Greg is the best teacher I could have asked for. Everything he taught me was extremely useful in writing my own music. If you do not understand something, he will work with you and help you make a connection with the material. Over the time I took from Greg, he became more of a friend and mentor to me, rather than just my guitar teacher. If you take from Greg, you will definitely learn something. Thanks for everything Greg!"  -- Bryant Smith

"When I first met Greg I was a skinny guitarist with big feet (still am). I told him that I wanted to learn how to shred like Yngwie, Vai, Gilbert and of course Rhoads. One thing I quickly noticed about Greg was that he formed lessons to meet the individual not form the individual to his lessons. He (unlike many others) knows how to make learning scales, theory, pitch and speed fun. Greg is also open to hear what you have to say and never minds answering questions. After having conversations with many of his other students I realized that we all had different interests and we all liked different styles of music and Greg could teach any of them. Ranging from Rock, Jazz, Blues, Metal etc. I'm now living in Alabama where I am voted best guitarist in Tuscaloosa and I owe it all to Greg.  -- Jonn Kilgore

"I took guitar lessons from Greg when I was 13 for about three years, and let me just say, he is a phenomenal teacher and musician. I went in day one not knowing how to hold down a fret and was playing guitar solos very well after the first year. Greg knows what he’s talking about and is very understanding and patient when teaching. He let me move at my own pace and take things one step at a time, from how to hold a guitar pick to some serious music theory. You can really go anywhere with his lessons, and he is comfortable with all playing styles and genres of music. He is also an awesome person. Probably one of the first things you think about him is how down to earth and friendly he is. He is a vast storehouse of knowledge of probably anything you will ever want to know about guitars, music, music history, and technique. He is a truly great teacher and I would recommend his lessons to anyone."  -- Alex Griffith

Greg is a down to earth guy with a lot of experience at playing the guitar. He has been teaching me 2 or 3 years now and I have to say he is a really relaxed and laid back kind of guy. When I first started taking lessons from him he told me I could bring in any song and he would write out the tab by listening to the song. So I thought I would put him to the test with some VAN HALEN, and LED ZEPPELIN with really hard to figure out, fast, solos. Greg passed every one of my tests with ease. Greg is a truly talented guitar teacher with a great personality and one great friend.  He is the best guitar teacher in Chattanooga. "  --  Bryan Roach

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